Future Academies

Future Academies

Facilities Consultancy & Procurement


The Future Academies is an educational charity and multi-academy trust that is committed to helping young people to succeed in life by setting them up with the best possible education. Future Academies is sponsored by John and Caroline Nash's social enterprise, Future, and is built around a small family of schools in south Westminster and White City.

Evbex was appointed in 2018 to undertake an initial strategic review of the estate and Hard FM services, benchmark both performance and compliance against industry norms and to develop a maintenance strategy and improvement plan as part of a market testing programme.

Evbex’s initial objective was to gain an understanding of the current and future estate, the current FM management and operational structures and to identify areas for improvement. It was agreed that current FM arrangements were not fit for purpose; significant changes were reuired so that the Future Academies could achieve its growth and eexpanision plans.

Evbex developed the basis of a comprehensive FM Hard Sevices Mainetance Plan from the first priciples. Surevys and asset registers were established as the foundation; specifications, KPIs and an agile pricing model were established to ensure that the new contract would deliver. The Form of Contrcat was the NEC3 Term Service Contrcat – the required Accredited Service Manager qualifications and experience were provided from within Evbex.

A full OJEU process was implemented including a PIN, Standard Questionnaire/PQQ stage prior to the full tender.

The comprehensive and robust tender process ensured a very favourable outcome for the Future Academies which provided improved services and a professional operation which will serve the academy for yesrs to come.


Services Provided

  • 5 Academy Trust Schools in London
  • Development of an optimum Hard FM Services Strategy and Operation
  • Development of a plan and FM model that would future proof the academy
  • Enable minimum management and supervision of the resultant contract
  • Optimum Specifications, KPIs and agile pricing mechanisms developed
  • Introduce Best Practices & innovation
  • Full OJEU procurement
  • Introduce new FM ISO International Standard ISO 41001