Quality Value Index (QVi)
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Quality Value Index (QVi)

The Quality Value Index (QVi) targets the alignment of the cost and quality of services with the overarching objective of delivering affordable best practice.

The cost of outsourced services typically accounts for up to 25% of an organisation’s total expenditure, it is essential therefore that optimum value is achieved through highly effective services, which support organisational performance and financial growth within the business. For the core business, it is essential that it is supported effectively on a strategic, tactical and operational level by high-performing services.

Through a holistic review of the FM function, the QVi identifies performance and service quality as a single index and from this provides a road map towards improvement and best practice. The principal purpose of the review is to establish the QVi index and to evaluate deviations from company objectives, stakeholder expectations and best practice. It highlights areas for improvement and recommends prioritized actions. The process is unique to Evbex

The QVi has been developed and refined following extensive research and input from many client based organisations. It is a well-defined and robust audit and change management process that delivers demonstrable benefits.

Quality Value Index (QVi)
The QVi Protocol - In Pursuit of Excellence
Quality Value Index (QVi)
QVi Benefits


  • Identifies significant opportunities for cost savings and efficiencies
  • Compares current arrangements against best practice and best value
  • Captures FM performance against a five-point maturity scale
  • Quickly identifies your position and includes all stakeholders in the process
  • Creates clear understanding and alignment of relationships and customer satisfaction
  • Promotes simplification and standardisation of documents and processes
  • Highlights good and bad practices and provides a prioritised improvement plan
  • Used when rapid improvement or the quick identification and remedy of FM performance is required
Quality Value Index (QVi)