Strategic, Tactical and Operational Audits
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Facility Audits and Improvements

We will support your business on its journey to reducing costs, improving performance and mitigate risks through our suite of bespoke audit tools and reviews.

Our Facilities Management and Maintenance auditing services in the UK and Globally are essentially ‘accelerators of change’ through knowledge and the presentation of the right data enabling informed decisions to be made.

Whether your aim is to re-structure your organisation, reduce costs, recover payments, verify compliance, improve performance or become a World Class organisation we will set you on your way with a tailored solution that meets your needs. We will augment your team with a skilled and experienced resource that will deliver value through unlocking potential in the unknown areas of your business and operations.

We offer a range of audit approaches that will add value to your business.

Our audit pedigree is generally based on our knowledge of Facilities Management and Maintenance: compliance requirements latest Regulations and Standards, evidence of best practice, current thinking and trends and our extensive experience of working with numerous organisations in both the public and private sectors.

Our Facilities Management and Maintenance services in the UK and Globally, include the following approaches:

  • Strategic positioning and review
  • Organisational hierarchal architecture (strategic, tactical, operational)
  • Systems and processes review
  • Documentation analysis
  • Customer reviews
  • Financial analysis
  • Benchmarking

We have developed a number of technology tools to enable us to deliver our Facilities and Maintenance Management auditing services both in the in the UK and Globally.

Benefits of Our Services

Our Facilities and Maintenance Management auditing services in the UK and Globally are underpinned by our core guiding principles of establishing and delivering Best Value at all times; as a catalyst and springboard for achieving World Class performance; and to mitigate and/or manage your risks. Our auditing processes and approaches will also help you to reduce and control costs. Our auditing facilities management fees are flexible and are contingent for some services.

Our Facilities and Maintenance Management and Auditing Services in the UK and Globally.

We offer and apply a range of audits that are aligned with your goals, objectives and budgets. These include:

  • ABC2 facilities management and maintenance audits (Agile/Business and Cost Focused)
  • QVi (Best Value audit protocol), usually based on Facilities Management and Maintenance but can also cover the core service
  • Independent, third party adjudication audits, including expert witness services on all matters relating to Facilities and Maintenance Management in the UK
  • Lean Facilities Management and Maintenance audit reviews
  • Facilities Management and Maintenance Vendor assessments
  • Facilities Management and Maintenance Cost recovery reviews
  • Customer Service Quality audits
  • Facilities Management and Maintenance Benchmarking reviews
  • Operational staff optimisation reviews
  • Facilities Management and Maintenance Occupational Cost Plans
  • ISO Standards including the new ISO 41001, Facility Management Standard
  • Compliance & Business Improvement
  • Cost savings
  • Underpinning KPI scores
Audits and Improvements