Maintenance Solutions
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Maintenance Solutions

Building maintenance delivers a planned and reactive approach to mitigate risks and to protect and safeguard the value of building assets. The common analogy used to describe the need for planned and reactive building maintenance is your approach to owning a car. Your building needs regular maintenance and compliance certifications much the same as your car requires servicing and an MOT – to stay legal and to prolong the life and value of the asset.

All too often however, we either avoid carrying out maintenance, usually for cost reasons or we over-subscribe the maintenance necessary in order to maintain business and building integrity and satisfy legislation.

Our Facilities Maintenance Solutions guides you to optimum maintenance strategies and delivery models that will deliver an optimum and tailored solution in the most cost effective and efficient way. This is delivered through highly competent and experienced maintenance consultants within Evbex.

To ensure effective alignment of building maintenance with business objectives we need agile outcomes and solutions that are tailored to the needs of modern-day estates and facilities management strategies. It is imperative that the maintenance function demonstrates value, protects the asset and mitigates or manages associated risks. Within a competitive environment however, no longer can we rely on a schedule of planned preventative maintenance as a means to an end, we need to establish optimised maintenance strategies that are cost effective and sustainable.

Our Facility Maintenance Solutions establish optimum strategies and delivery models through a ‘Business Focused’ approach that considers the requirements of Statutory Maintenance on one end of the spectrum and the accepted Industry Standard SFG20 Maintenance Specification at the other. The optimum point will consider a number of variable factors such as: age, risk and consequence of failure, conditions, plant criticality, standby facility etc.

We apply our Maintenance Solutions across all of our service streams to great effect.

Maintenance Solutions

Our Facility Maintenance
Consultancy will Provide


Tailored maintenance strategies and operational plans

Technical authoring of specifications, KPIs, pricing schedules, SLAs

Maintenance procurement and tendering services

Maintenance auditing, for compliance and business improvement

Benefits of Our Maintenance Solutions Services

  • Identifies cost saving opportunities
  • Facility Maintenance Consultancy that is based on wider Business Excellence principles
  • Aligns with business objectives
  • Provides tailored resource planning
  • Structured around the business not maintenance as a means to an end
  • Provides a reliable basis for decision making
  • Manages business risks
  • Substantiates the consequence of failure
  • Informs a pro-active maintenance plan
  • Negates business disruption/losses
  • Establishes a sustainable maintenance plan
  • Optimised in procurement and tender situations
  • Business Focused approach
  • Establishes trust and collaboration
  • Cost savings