Cloud Based Software
for Facility Management

FM Navigate is a Facilities Resource Planning and Management System (FRP) developed to manage and administer complex and dynamic estate and facilities management services. It provides a multi-platform, cloud-based technology solution that caters specifically for the needs of modern-day challenges and future requirements, organizations through a need to support the core business in a cost effective, agile, and optimised way. Take control of your FM operations and outsourced services with FM Navigate.

Modules to Choose from to
Suit Your Requirement



Manage users & suppliers across all modules using a central dashboard


Tender &

Manage all contracts with real time data and communication



Pre-quality and approve suppliers with automatic updates



Manage risk and maintain 100% statutory compliance requirements



Administer ad-hoc or calendar based tasks of all suppliers



Administer ad-hoc or calendar based tasks of all suppliers



Driven by ISO 41001 Management System based compliance



Driven by ISO 41001 Management System based compliance



Automated or operator based help desk with root cause analysis



Budget monitoring and control with real time cost reporting



Smart KPI's with automated scoring & reporting driven by client data



Map performance and service quality against best practices

Why does the FM Industry
need FM Navigate?

Almost three years ago, one of the UK’s largest construction and facility management companies failed and went into liquidation. Ultimately, its demise was blamed on the huge debts the company was in. Following this, other notable FM companies entered difficult times. After thirty years of FM outsourcing in the UK, including the constant demand for lower costs from FM services is a major contributory factor for negative connotations within the FM space. Cost savings in the order of 5% - 10% are often expected from an FM tender. Over a thirty-year period, where a typical contract duration is five years, the accumulated cost savings from six generations of outsourcing can therefore be as much as 30% - 60% of the same cost 30 years ago. Clearly this is not sustainable.

During this time, headcount reduction has not stopped at operator level, for many organisations, the middle management tier has also disappeared. These were the typical subject matter experts, these that had infinite building and service knowledge. This has compounded problems within the industry.

Although numerous CAFM systems exist, there are few, if any, that guide the client organisation, the end-user through all the stages required to effectively develop, implement, operate, manage, control and administer the entire range of responsibilities and duties expected from the function.

FM Navigate will deliver all of this and more. Through a series of stand-alone or interlinked effective modules, FM Navigate will guide you through the various FM stages as a best-practices as an end-to-end process driven facility project management resource. This will fill the gap left by the lost middle management SMEs and will enable you to make informed decisions about your FM service.

FM Navigate targets demonstrable best practice at an affordable price.


A unique Facility Management System
that focuses on things that matter

From the world’s first interactive ISO 41001 Facility Management System, allowing you to both set up your facility management policies and system, including remote audit facilities through to the Quality-Value index (QVi), the concept developed by Evbex to measure and improve performance, FM Navigate will lead you to FM excellence, at an affordable price.

The world’s first multi-module collaborative platform will bring users and suppliers closer together through a single entity in a totally flexible way that will give you the power and capability to establish the best facility management service, including collaborative control over your supply chain partners and at a price that you can afford.

Scale and Scalability

In developing the platform our goal was to build a system that would be agile and flexible to suit the needs of the modern business world but at the same time to maintain simplicity and effectiveness of the module functionality. This is where the +30 years of FM, including the aggregates experiences and wants of the organisations that manage facility services and the FM suppliers plays a vital role.

Managing facility services has changed from the traditional methods that worked well yesterday into a more flexible approach that can be quickly implemented by today’s generation – this is what FM Navigate does and does it well.

We have built a system that can be used on a single site right through to managing the entire range of IFM services of a global corporate operating in numerous locations throughout the world…….and everything in between.

Within FM Navigate, all the bases are covered. This said, we recognise that everyone is different and has its own needs. Our platform is therefore customisable and our development team can tailor the module functionalities to suit your exact needs.

We are very proud of our product and we think you will be too when you subscribe and start using it.


Reduce Cost

  • Manage all FM needs from one platform
  • Simple low pricing structure with high end value
  • Combines a myriad of existing expensive platforms into one lean solution
  • Flexible structure to suit all needs and budgets
  • Simple SaaS subscription basis
  • Economies of scale advantages
  • Delivering best Value FM at low cost

Optimize Efficiency

  • Cloud based - quick to implement
  • Manage all FM services + supply chain
  • Accurate decision making from timely MI
  • Covers +99% of your FM management needs
  • Scalable from single site to global
  • Powerful Plan-Do-Check-Act structure covering strategic, tactical and operational FM
  • No need for different applications – full integration across all modules & with supply chain

Mitigate Risk

  • Mange your FM risks and compliance requirements in real time
  • Manage Coronavirus risks
  • Maintain all information, data and records, no need for emails
  • Integrated ISO Management Systems
  • Fingertip data for timely decision making
  • Secure servers
  • Underpinned by 30 years of FM research