Post Office Limited

Post Office Limited

Facilities Consultancy Services


Post Office Ltd (POL) is a retail post office company in the United Kingdom that provides a wide range of products including postage facilities and banking to the public through its nationwide network of post office branches.

Post Office Limited has over 11,000 properties throughout the UK.

Evbex were appointed by POL to advise on the timing of new outsourced FM contracts for its head offices, branches and warehouses.

As current FM contracts were approaching a ‘break-clause’ period, Evbex was asked to advise the Post Office board on whether new contracts should be tendered in advance of the contract break clause, or whether the respective contracts should be extended. This important discussion needed to consider the current and future POL estate and property strategy; and the perceived compliance, performance and value of existing FM contracts.

Due to its a) intimate knowledge of the FM market and its suppliers in the UK; and b) comprehensive database of FM benchmarks established over many years, Evbex was able to provide POL with the correct advice and recommendations that would enable POL to plan its FM outsourced strategy over the next 5-8 year period.

Evbex approach was to review each FM service being delivered to POL, to compare this with industry best practices and the best value, and then to provide the correct advice to POL that would enable the informed decisions to be made.

Furthermore, Evbex provided additional value to POL through identifying a number of gaps in the current FM service provision that would provide a prioritised improvement programme over the short, medium and long-term.


Services Provided

  • Stakeholder review of needs
  • Service quality and cost benchmarking
  • Strategic and operational audits
  • Advice on Best Practices and Best Value
  • Organisational and FM service review
  • Value of FM services, circa $15 million
  • Gap analysis to enable informed decisions to be made
  • Identify and deliver business improvement opportunities