Total Quality Management
Business Excellence

Total Quality Management

We describe Business Excellence as ‘outstanding practices’ in managing and directing an organisation to achieve the desired results and outcomes. It has a number of benefits including: enhanced performance, increased customer satisfaction, catalyst for organisational growth, increased employee satisfaction and improved efficiencies and effectiveness.


We do not advise on or support organisations through business excellence programmes in a vacuum as this can be an expensive process. Instead we combine the virtues of such programmes with our cost reduction and control applications to ensure that our clients benefit from true Best Value i.e. the fine line that exists between best services at the best price. In this way organisations can adopt the principles of Lean Best Practice.

Key Considerations

  • Leadership
  • People – optimised resources
  • Customer focus
  • Performance & service excellence
  • Supply Chain
  • Stakeholder value
  • Waste reduction
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • BS / EN/ ISO Standards
  • Risk & compliance
  • Multi-faceted innovation
  • Continuous improvement
  • Management data
  • Enable informed decision making
  • Journey to ‘World Class’
Total Quality Management