Integrated Managmeent
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Integrated Management Systems

In order that your organisation may compete and prosper in today’s competitive world, streamlining management systems and business processes is essential to keep up with the competition, maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and in demonstrating shareholder value.

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) has prepared a number of Management System Standards since 2015 that enables true integration of complementary Standards, providing true Integrated Management Systems (IMS) that will cater for the majority of organisational needs.

Evolve Business Excellence has developed lean approaches to integrating the various management systems with value-based processes that will ensure that your organisation may benefit from World Class, affordable service provision capability.


  • Fast-track Best Practices
  • Easily combine with other systems and frameworks e.g. EFQM, Customer Excellence Standard
  • Establish lean and efficient systems and processes
  • Achieve cost efficient accreditation and certification
  • Reduce company overheads
  • Use and manage resources in a more efficient manner
  • Establish long-term planning capability
  • Optimise business relationships and stakeholder satisfaction
  • Reduce the need to continually audit separate systems
Integrated Management