Hygiene Premises
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Hygienic Premises

The Evbex Premises Hygiene audit ensures that your premises remains safe from the threat of Covid-19 and other viruses. We will review your management and cleaning practices against the required industry standards and direct you towards achieving demonstrable hygienically clean premises. This is a non-intrusive process that can be achieved 100% remotely.

In response to the global pandemic and working alongside British Standards Institution (BSI), Evbex will safeguard your buildings from the threat of Coronavirus and other viruses with a highly effective process that meets the requirement of BSI’s Hygienic Premises Kitemark Standard. Our approach will examine your management of health & safety and with particular emphasis on premises hygiene requirements. We will also review your approach to cleaning, cleaning frequencies and standards and the auditing of cleaning. Our report, complete with a premises score and gap analysis, will enable you to adopt the ultimate BSI Hygienic Premise Kitemark.

Kitemark Standards
Kitemark Standards

As a BSI Associate Consultant organisation, let us ensure that your buildings are hygienically clean and that your people are safe through our unique Hygienic Premises review and audit process which will also enable you to complete the BSI Hygienic Premises Kitemark.

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BSI Associate Consultant Programme

Benefits of Evbex Premises Hygiene Audit & Certification

  • Ensure a hygienically clean premises
  • Safeguard your employees and visitors
  • Effective and demonstrable cleaning control
  • Determine the exact cleaning strategy and operation
  • Manage your Cleaning Supplier with confidence
  • Best practice-based cleaning standards
  • Agile to meet changing threat levels
  • Ensure a fit for purpose cost base
  • Effective measurement of Cleaning Services
  • Reduce business risk & increase compliance
Hygienic Premises