Collaborative Business Relationships
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Collaborative Business Relationships Management

One of the most common failures within FM today is directly attributable to communication and the breakdown of key relationships. We will deliver effective and inclusive business collaboration services that are so important in ensuring that internal resources and suppliers are all working to their strengths and pulling in the same direction.

Through an ISO 44001 framework, we deliver a unique service that targets the establishment of strong relationships between

  • Client – Supplier
  • Outsourcing services
  • Internal departmental

The client – supplier relationship is usually a true barometer of how the organisation is performing, either within an outsourced or in-house model. This principle also applies to the entire supply chain. Where the effort is often focused on compliance and the cost of the service, the true driving force should be tailored around the key relationships that effectively ensure that objectives are met.


Our CBRM solutions are structured around ISO 44001: 2017, Collaborative business relationships management, and tailored around our knowledge and experience of key relationships within FM and how these need to function to ensure successful outcomes.

  • Build sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships
  • Increase competitive edge, leverage supply chain opportunities
  • Skill and knowledge sharing - avoid waste, duplication and risk sharing
  • Support change management and integration
  • Improved approaches and processes
  • Deliver a more efficient and effective service
  • Create cost savings, value for money and improved efficiencies
  • Foster innovation and continuous improvement
Business Relationships Management